Antanas and Jolanta, Lithuania

We are heartily thankful to Peter and Eric for unforgettable memories of our hunting time in Australia.

We were surrounded by beautiful nature and had two professional guides by our side. Great trophies, (three water buffalo, one scrub bull and one wild cat) will let us remember a hunt full of adrenalin. We stalked animals in the ghostly silence of the land, only ending with the opportunity to send the deadly shot to an animal’s breast.

With lots of experience hunting all over the world, I had one of the most difficult stalks of my life, a really unforgettable experience. With the young but very professional PH, Eric, we were crawling, wading, following the dream trophy until the bullet was released from my gun.

We expect to experience the nice and friendly company of Peter and Eric again. In all the situations life brought them, they saw the true humour of the circumstance. We were crying, but crying from the laughter!

We are very happy we had an opportunity to meet two regular guys, which we now consider with pleasure to be our friends!