Bill Driscoll, Victoria

G’day Pete and Callan,
Many thanks for one the best hunting trips I’ve been on. Your hospitality, generosity and attention to detail was second to none, and your knowledge of the land and buffalo hangouts blew me out. As promised the meals were delicious all cooked by Pete as that’s one of his passions. More than plentiful and well varied, I don’t eat that well at home. One thing that I noticed was that Arnhem land was so clean, no empty cans, no cig butts, no old bits of fencing wire, just Aussie nature at its best. I know i’ll be back to hunt with Pete again, all things working out this time next year. A special shout out to the camps dogsbody Callan for all your hard work, brecky in the mornings and late nights preparing the trophy’s, a privilege to have been looked after by him.

Many thanks again