Dave H, South Australia

“After hunting boars with Peter Lorman’s Tropical Hunting Safari’s on numerous occasions, I finally booked a buffalo hunt with the boys. This was a hunt that I wanted all of my life, it ended up being one of the best hunts of my life. Nothing compares to stalking the big black silhouettes in the jungle and knocking them down with big bore rifles. As a group we were able to collect several world class trophy heads including one each over 100 SCI points. Peter and staff were more than accommodating when illness struck one of our parties. He was able to re-book his hunt with no hesitation. As usual, the food, drink and merriment were second to none with THS. The only regret being my return to work and the real world. I am very happy that I finally booked a buffalo hunt with THS. I doubt whether a pig hunt will feel the same ever again, as long a the big boys are on offer.”