Free-Range Combination Hunts

We offer a 13-day package, which includes a fully-guided 5-day buffalo hunts in the Aboriginal Reserve of Central Arnhem Land Plateau Mann River and a 5-day banteng or boar hunt in the Murgenella Floodplains of Western Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Day 1 is for travelling to our Mann River buffalo camp; then 5 days hunting buffalo and wild oxen; day 7 is for transfer to our Murgenella Floodplains camp; then 5 days hunting banteng and/or boars; and, day 13 is for travelling back to Darwin. Or, you may wish to tailor your own hunt with additional hunting days.

The animals we have available are large numbers of water buffalo and wild oxen, banteng and wild boars.

Where we Hunt

You will explore many billabong and river systems, beautiful scenic areas with an abundance of native bird life and awe inspiring panoramic views from the escarpments overlooking kilometres of breathtaking scenery where you will see multitudes of buffalo.  Your safari is conducted in 4×4 hunting vehicles driving off the beaten track through semi-woodland areas. Once we reach a specific location, we continue our hunt with a leisurely walk amongst the scenic valleys, spring systems, soaks, small creeks and tributaries of the Mann River.

The second segment of your combination safari is conducted on 4×4 ATV Vikings, which are fully equipped and very manageable, even for the novice driver. Hunters can choose to drive their own ATV, or they can be driven by one of our guides. We use the 4×4 ATV’s daily from base camp to explore the diversity of the terrain. Once we reach a specific location, we continue our hunt with a leisurely under-canopy walk amongst paperbark and tropical palm jungles – guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping!

If you choose to hunt Banteng, this requires a considerable amount of patience whilst walking and stalking, with very early morning starts to get the best results.

You will see from our galleries that you would be staying in comfortable, fully-equipped bush lodges with all the mod-cons; a generator provides electricity 24 hours a day and all linen is supplied.

How to get here

Many of our clients choose to charter a light aircraft or helicopter for a 1½ hour scenic flight to our airstrip at Central Arnhem Land Plateau Mann River. Transfer to our Murgenella Floodplains camp on day 7 is an approximately 7 – 8 hour scenic road trip in air conditioned Landcruisers. The charter flight would then collect you on day 13 for your return to Darwin. Details of the charter companies are available under Getting Here. Alternatively, we can pick you up from your hotel in Darwin early (6.00am) on the first day and it would be a 10 – 12 hour drive to Mann River camp in air conditioned Landcruisers, with the return journey leaving camp mid- to late-afternoon and arriving at your hotel in Darwin no later than 10.00 pm on the last day of your tour.

What’s Included

Our Combination Safari package includes all road transfers, permits, accommodation, use of 4×4 hunting vehicles, insurance, first-class meals and beverages. We have a special liquor licence to allow moderate consumption of alcohol by our clients at the end of a day’s hunt at our camps in Arnhem Land. We can purchase alcohol on your behalf upon request and you can reimburse us on arrival at camp; or, you may choose to “Bring Your Own”.

Buffalo package options are:

Trophy Buffalo

  • 1x Trophy (gold class) Buffalo Bull
  • 2x Cull Buffalo

*Trophy Buffalo Bulls are 95 SCI points and above

Management Buffalo

  • 2x Management (silver class) Buffalo Bulls

*Management Buffalo Bulls are 84 to 94 SCI points

Cull Buffalo

  • 5x Cull Buffalo

Plus one of the following packages:

Trophy Banteng

  • 1x Trophy (gold class) Banteng Bull

*A Trophy Banteng can be up to 80 SCI points

Wild Boars

  • 12x Quality Wild Boars

Or, you may wish to tailor your own buffalo, banteng and boar package with additional hunting days. Non-hunting observers are most welcome.

Additional animals available on these safaris are:

  • Trophy Buffalo Bull
  • Management Buffalo Bull
  • Trophy Buffalo Cow
  • Management Buffalo Cow
  • Cull Buffalo
  • Wild Ox (Scrub Bull)
  • Trophy Banteng
  • Wild Boar – minimal numbers at Mann River
  • Wild Boar – massive numbers at Murgenella Floodplains

Also included in the package are caping and field preparation of your trophy buffalo bull and/or trophy banteng ready to be shipped to your preferred taxidermist, or we can recommend one.  Please note that dip and pack, and shipping of your trophy are additional costs.

What you can bring

For those hunters who prefer not to travel with their own rifles, for buffalo and banteng hunts, we can supply 9.3×74, 375 H&H, 404 Jeffreys, 458 Lott, 470 NE, 500/416 NE and ammunition for an additional cost; for wild boar hunts, we can supply .270 and .308 scoped rifles and ammunition for a small additional cost.

What’s Required

International clients require a Northern Territory International Visitors Shooters Permit and, if you’re bringing your own rifles, you will also require an International Visitors Firearms Permit. We require a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice so that we may organise all permits, licences and customs clearance prior to your arrival in Australia. This would incur a small additional fee.

Terms and Conditions

Before making a booking please check our Terms and Conditions. Additionally please review all the information provided on accommodationgetting here and what to bring.