Hunted with Peter at Mann River. Camp and equipment are excellent. Peter is a great guide, fun, professional and very dedicated. Buffalo were plentiful and I plan to return as soon as possible.

Eric Youngberg, USA

After several trips with Tropical Hunting Safaris doing boar hunting I decided to do a Buffalo hunt, well what an exciting and eventful week, we saw plenty of good buffalo, never did I imagine just how fantastic these animals are to hunt and Peter put us in the right spot every time, the adrenalin rush when stalking these large animals is awesome, from now on I will be planning my trips there hunting buffalo. Thank you to Peter for providing me with such a great trip, I look forward to my next adventure there.

Russell (Coight) Jaenke

“I would like to thank Peter and team for providing myself and my sons a truly exceptional experience in the top end. Peter’s attention to detail and the quality of equipment and accommodation to be provided in a remote location was first class. Without a lie the meals were better than any restaurant. This has been my fifth trip with Peter and I would challenge anyone who  could find a guide with more knowledge and experience than Peter. The abundance of game was excellent and we easily met our quota.. This trip was one of our highlights in our lives and was that much more enjoyable because I could have my sons with me. We will be reminiscing for the rest of our lives and our experience will be a talking point at all our family functions. Cant wait for the next one.”

Darren Williams, Victoria

“I just want to thank Tropical Hunting Safaris.  Peter and his staff offer a true adventure. Peter’s concession on the Mann river is a hunters paradise. If you’re looking for a rifle or bow adventure of a lifetime for trophy water buffalo – Tropical Safaris is definitely for you.  In the remote outback the camp was very comfortable with hot showers, great food and even a tv for news and sports.  Everything I needed was provided. Every day was filled with new adventures and beautiful scenery. I ended up harvesting some great trophies. I look forward to booking with Peter at his other concessions in the future. Thank you”

Craig McCallum, Texas USA

“”After hunting boars with Peter Lorman’s Tropical Hunting Safari’s on numerous occasions, I finally booked a buffalo hunt with the boys. This was a hunt that I wanted all of my life, it ended up being one of the best hunts of my life. Nothing compares to stalking the big black silhouettes in the jungle and knocking them down with big bore rifles. As a group we were able to collect several world class trophy heads including one each over 100 SCI points. Peter and staff were more than accommodating when illness struck one of our parties. He was able to re-book his hunt with no hesitation. As usual, the food, drink and merriment were second to none with THS. The only regret being my return to work and the real world. I am very happy that I finally booked a buffalo hunt with THS. I doubt whether a pig hunt will feel the same ever again, as long a the big boys are on offer.””

Dave H, South Australia

“I recently experienced the Arnhem Land area with Tropical Hunting Safaris. The scenery and wildlife were spectacular! Peter Lorman’s knowledge of the land is second to none! Out hunting was in the traditional style of Buffalo Hunting, as I was  hunting with a British Double Rifle. With careful stalking, the Buffalo were well within range for this type of rifle with iron sights!

The Tropical Hunting Safaris camp is very comfortable. All of your needs are taken care of! The staff that work with Peter are knowledgeable and friendly. The food served through the week was excellent!

A truly memorable experience, hunting Buffalo with  Tropical Hunting Safaris. I plan on returning to continue the adventure!”

Louis Baum, New York USA

“”We experienced an extraordinary well organised and successful hunting and a perfectly maintained camp in a fantastic landscape.
Facilities and cooking were far, far above expectations for such a remote bush camp. Lord, what huge portions!
Above all Peter proved to be a very good hunting guide and he looked well after his clients!
We strongly recommend to hunt with territorial character Peter and Tropical Hunting Safaris.“”

Dr. Heinz Möhrke and Martin Mirwald, Germany

“This trip had been on my bucket list for far too many years.  I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see the real Northern Territory and hunt Buffalo with a top-quality professional guiding team, Peter, Jack and Callan, the most amiable helpful guides you will ever meet.  Meals were varied and top notch, accomodation excellent.  Days started early with cooked breakfast then into the vehicles, glassing for Trophy Buffalo until lunch time, then the boys would set up a table in the shade for a lunch and chat about the hunt so far, a quick clear away and a walk along some billabongs where a trophy was taken by one of the other clients I was with.  After photos, caping and hand-shakes, back to the vehicle for more glassing.  The week was spent like this, as well as catching Black Bream, and a swim in saltwater croc free river. I am now saving for another hunt with Tropical Hunting Safaris, this time for wild boar on the floodplains.  I would recommend Hunting with Peter Lorman of Tropical Hunting Safaris, I found him to be a generous, honest, highly skilled person.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tropical Hunting Safaris and Michelle Ramplin for her Booking airfare and accommodation to fit in perfectly with the hunt.”

John Wagg, New South Wales

“Dear Peter, it was great to hunt with you in Arnhem Land.  I did not expect to see so many strong buffalo on the first and the next 4 days.  I like to stalk – a special experience with excellent success rate in your territory.  I was particularly happy about my old water buffalo cow trophy with the wide curved horns.  A really big dream trophy!  I also like to remember your clean and perfectly organized camp, the morning screaming birds and the calls of the dingoes at night.  Also in my tent was missing nothing.  Your food was perfect, especially the steaks.  It was one of my best hunting trips!  I will definitely come back to hunt with you.
Waidmannsheil and I hope we’ll see each other again soon!”

Christian T, Germany

“G’day Pete and Callan,
Many thanks for one the best hunting trips I’ve been on. Your hospitality, generosity and attention to detail was second to none, and your knowledge of the land and buffalo hangouts blew me out. As promised the meals were delicious all cooked by Pete as that’s one of his passions. More than plentiful and well varied, I don’t eat that well at home. One thing that I noticed was that Arnhem land was so clean, no empty cans, no cig butts, no old bits of fencing wire, just Aussie nature at its best. I know i’ll be back to hunt with Pete again, all things working out this time next year. A special shout out to the camps dogsbody Callan for all your hard work, brecky in the mornings and late nights preparing the trophy’s, a privilege to have been looked after by him.

Many thanks again


Bill Driscoll, Victoria

“Greetings to Peter and Staff,

I had a fantastic hunt and still think of the beautiful time with you in Australia. Six ripe good Buffaloes in only 6 Hunting Days; that was unique. We look forward to the trophies and hope to see you again soon.

Best Regards


Torsten Kuschel, Germany

“This was my second hunt with Tropical Hunting Safaris.  It more than met my expectations. The country is scenic and with plenty of game, and other wildlife. Food, accommodation and vehicles were of a high standard, as was the skill of the guides and the attention to safety.


Geoff Hanson, Victoria

“Thank you for the great hunting with you in Arnhem Land.
I had a very exciting experience with you and your team.
The game stock in Arnhem Land is excellent in both quality and quantity.
The food was good; generous servings and very tasty.
I felt very safe and comfortable with you.
Thank you very much again. I can recommend this hunt to every hunter of the wilderness.”

Axel Wiktor, Germany

“Thanks for another great week in Arnhem Land. I had a fantastic time – as usual the food was excellent and the hunting was awesome! I managed to get some great video shots of the crocodiles and a buffalo cow with 2 calves. Every time I go there is something new. It is a great area. Thank you again.”

Russell Jaenke, QLD

“We are two seasoned travelers and experienced hunters, and were very much looking forward to our first trip ever to Australia.

From the moment we arrived at the airport, Tropical Hunting Safaris delivered first class service. We were in their care for 11 days in all and had a fantastic time from beginning to end.

Great camp facilities, terrific hunting and expert guidance. Nothing was too much trouble. The only negative was having to leave!”

Peter Swales and Cara Richardson, Scotland

“We had a great week on safari! What a wonderful setup Peter has there. Magnificent property and wildlife, great camp, lots of game and Peter is a brilliant cook. I’ve already booked a double package for next year!”

Geoff Hanson, Victoria

“Peter and Jason,

Thank you again for an unforgettable hunting trip! This is the 2nd tour with you and it was every bit as good and better than the last one. The scenery is fantastic, the hunting is second to none and your hospitality is very welcoming. We scored plenty of game and some of the largest boars I have seen in my 40 odd years of hunting.

Thank you.”

Russell Jaenke, Queensland

“An amazing boar safari!

The guides/staff were characters, informative, helpful and extremely safety conscious, which made the trip truly amazing!

The accommodation / meals were well above my expectations and I take my hat off to them.

Thoroughly enjoyed this safari and am in the process of rebooking. I would recommend it to any hunter as great value for money!”

George Mataxas, Western Australia

“Many thanks Peter and Jason for a wonderful safari in the NT!

It is the best pig hunt I have had for a long time! I will be back in the future to shoot buffalo!”

John Godrey, Victoria

“What an amazing adventure! Crocs, buffalo, brumbies, dingos, kangaroos – we saw them all – and the birdlife – just WOW!

I’d like to thank both Peter and Jason for an outstanding hunt and Arnhem Land experience. The wild boars were many and huge – some up to 130kg!

This has been a hunting safari I will never forget!”

Mark Hamilton, Queensland

“Thank you Peter,

Having hunted all around the world with musket and black powder, I can say that my combination Banteng, Boar and Buffalo Safari in Arnhem Land was a real adventure! I will recommend it to my friends!

My regards to Eric, who did a great job and is a very nice guy!”

Heinz Faude, Germany

“We are heartily thankful to Peter and Eric for unforgettable memories of our hunting time in Australia.

We were surrounded by beautiful nature and had two professional guides by our side. Great trophies, (three water buffalo, one scrub bull and one wild cat) will let us remember a hunt full of adrenalin. We stalked animals in the ghostly silence of the land, only ending with the opportunity to send the deadly shot to an animal’s breast.

With lots of experience hunting all over the world, I had one of the most difficult stalks of my life, a really unforgettable experience. With the young but very professional PH, Eric, we were crawling, wading, following the dream trophy until the bullet was released from my gun.

We expect to experience the nice and friendly company of Peter and Eric again. In all the situations life brought them, they saw the true humour of the circumstance. We were crying, but crying from the laughter!

We are very happy we had an opportunity to meet two regular guys, which we now consider with pleasure to be our friends!”

Antanas and Jolanta, Lithuania

“Eric and Peter,

I have hunted different countries in Africa eleven times. This is by far the most comfortable camp and the best food!

The hunting was more than I ever expected! Never saw anything near the number of animals in Africa like you have here. Thank you both for the trip of a lifetime! At least until the next hunt!!!”

Stan Fischer - South Dakota, USA

“We had a wonderful 5 days hunting water buffalo in Arnhem Land. To enjoy the hospitality of Peter, including his excellent cooking, to hunt under the professional guidance of Peter and Eric in this untouchable scenery, to  see plenty of good buffalo, was all an experience we’ll never forget. We are planning the next trip for hunting wild boars and birds!”

Dr Ernst An der Lan and Johann Permanschlager, Austria

“Thank you Peter and Eric, for a great buffalo hunt. I have hunted buffalo many times in Africa and Argentina and this was by far the best!

The camp is First Class and the food was wonderful. Eric, you are the best guide I have ever hunted with! We now have a special relationship!

Thank you again for a great hunting trip!”

Robert Smith - Alabama, USA

“I have done nearly ten overseas hunting trips, but this trip was one of the best! Good food, accommodation and exciting hunting, thank you Peter and Eric.”

Karl Huber - Bavaria, Germany

“We had a fabulous 10 days hunting Water Buffalo, It was a very relaxing and satisfying hunt. So many good Buffalo were sighted and we are totally happy with the Buffalo we hunted. The hunting lodge was comfortable with a excellent variety of meals. Anna did enjoy to prepare Buffalo goulash for Peter and his staff, which they enjoyed thoroughly. We are preparing to return soon, except this time we will charter a small plane as the road trip is to long and tiring for us. Thank you so much.”

Joseph and Anna Zeman, Czech Republic

“My second wonderful hunting experience. I enjoyed my hunting on Boars. The daily walking and stalking were sometimes hard. We had seen a lot of Buffalos and Boars. Peter and Eric are wonderful guides with a lot of experience and very good cooks.”

Lutz Hoelscher, Hannover Germany

“Great hunt, Nice time, different language (Aussie Slang) I try hard to come back. Excellent food and beautiful landscape. You should not miss it!”

Andreas Gotz, Germany

“Just a short note from Mike and myself to say thankyou very much for you hospitality during our recent hunting trip with you. We have hunted for over 40 years in various parts of Australia but never have we enjoyed ourselves as much and seen the amazing scenery and wildlife like we did with your trip, you and your guide (Eric) showed professionalism and knowledge while in the field and led us onto some good size game. The food was excellent and plenty of it as well as a variety. We are looking forward to our next hunt with you when we return.”

Russell Jaenke and Mike Power, Queensland

“Experience of a life time – Buffalo & Boars – Father & Son

After a history of open heart surgery, years of renal dialysis & a kidney transplant, I thought I may never take my son, Kurt, hunting. To see my 18 year old son down his first buffalo at Mann River and to take his first trophy buffalo bull (in the 100 club) and then to also enjoy fabulous days out on the floodplain chasing his first quality boars – words cannot explain. Our thanks to Peter & guide Eric for the hunting – the food – the comfortable accommodation and the comradery formed. We have rebooked for a future memorable trip.”

Craig & Kurt Kohler, Queensland

“Thank you for the wonderful experience that we had with you and Eric at your Buffalo and Boar hunting concessions. We have never seen so many Boars and Buffalos like in your area. We enjoyed the great time hunting. This was great! Greetings from Germany.”

Jan Boenicke & Gunther Greve, Germany